Insurance Advice

Are you getting the most from your insurance?

Is your auto insurance plan doing everything for you that you need? Does it provide adequate coverage? Do you have a good rapport with your agent? Is the price right? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself. Be sure that you’re getting a good deal for what you pay. Don’t get shortchanged. Shop around to see if some other company can offer you a better deal on your auto insurance.

What does home insurance cover?

It’s important to understand what your homeowner’s insurance policy covers, as well as what it doesn’t, in order to make sure you’re adequately covered should damage or loss occur. Find out some of the basics on what homeowner’s insurance covers.

Why Women Need Life Insurance

Women make up more than half the total population, half the workforce, are over a third of the primary breadwinners, and earn a large portion of family income. Because women are so important to family income, women need life insurance. Unsure if you need life insurance? Here are 5 reasons women need life insurance.